Omniwomen is more than just a Summit, we are the journey there. Following a highly successful Summit, we are pleased to be running a series of Basecamps and launching our mentoring app. This is all part of Omnicom’s commitment to driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Emma Sergeant
President DAS Europe
Chair Omniwomen UK 2017


This Basecamp is an opportunity to join Omniwomen and RADA in a pioneering new learning experience, designed to help us all have better conversations with clients and colleagues.

The "Great Conversations Basecamp" will explore how to have engaging, influential and productive conversations, with confidence, with clients, colleagues and anyone met in a professional environment.

The Basecamp will consist of a 2 hour interactive workshop, facilitated by RADA, followed by an hour of networking. The event will be held at the RADA studios with some of their best tutors.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Skills and tactics for achieving personal impact
  • Creating a strong, confident presence in a meeting
  • Building empathy and connections quickly
  • Getting yourself heard and making your point powerfully

The techniques you will learn will also help you prepare for challenging conversations, be it performance management conversations or client facing. The aim is to give you the skills to ensure that all conversations are a Great Conversation!

If you are interested in attending, please speak to your HR/Talent lead or CEO.

Date: Wednesday 13th September 2017, 14:30–18:00

Venue: RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7EX


Highlights from the 2017 Summit

After a huge effort by all of the agencies involved, we raised £20,000 in proceeds from the Omniwomen Summit and gathered £40,000 worth of clothes for the Smart Works cause. Thanks to all of you who contributed and congratulations to Siegel+Gale and Proximity for winning the awards for the best dressed #Omniwindows!