Omniwomen is more than just a Summit, we are the journey there. Following a highly successful Summit, we are pleased to be running a series of Basecamps and launching our mentoring app. This is all part of Omnicom’s commitment to driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Emma Sergeant
President DAS Europe
Chair Omniwomen UK 2017


Parenting and career are often two words that are discussed in terms of conflict and tension: how can you excel at one without underperforming in another? How can you achieve work-life balance? How can you become a leader in your career and lead at home at the same time?

In this basecamp we’ll turn this notion on its head and put forward a new perspective: becoming a parent and parenting alongside your career provides you with new skills and learnings that will ultimately round you out as a leader (rather than hinder you).

This basecamp has been organised by Omnicom’s Customer Agency, C Space. C Space are experts in building relationships with customers to generate insight and customer inspired solutions. They will be applying these same techniques to us as parents and potential parents, facilitating rich conversation and debate on parenting as a secret career boost.

The event will be appropriate for parents, aspiring parents and leaders who want to support the Mums or Dads in their teams. And this event is open to Omnimen and women alike.

The evening will include a panel discussion, facilitated by Felix Koch, Dad of 2 (and leader of 120 as Joint MD of C Space EMEA). This will be followed by a series of breakout groups to discuss the themes brought up by the panel and get to practical takeaways for each attendee.

Attendees will take away fresh perspectives on parenting and how it interplays with their careers, as well as practical tips to take back into their roles and agencies. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunity to build connections with other Omnicom agency folks.

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2017, 18:30–20:30

Venue: Bankside Central (The Warehouse), Southwark, London


Highlights from the 2017 Summit

After a huge effort by all of the agencies involved, we raised £20,000 in proceeds from the Omniwomen Summit and gathered £40,000 worth of clothes for the Smart Works cause. Thanks to all of you who contributed and congratulations to Siegel+Gale and Proximity for winning the awards for the best dressed #Omniwindows!